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Caregiver CD Cover

CAREGIVER (feat. World-Class Musicians)

"Caregiver" the breeze, the breath, the hug, the rest for every person who has, is,.or will be a caregiver.

"Caregiver" a melody for every caregiver feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated. An anthem for every caregiver who has had to make unpopular and painful decisions. A battle cry for every caregiver who needs to shed a tear. A hymn for every caregiver who has to let go and say, "Goodbye." The pom poms for caregivers to cheer each other on.

"Caregiver" a song of hope, encouragement, and endurance--for caregivers give up or give in but, be strong and remember love conquers all.

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America's Heroes Group Radio Show

America's Heroes Group (Radio Show)

America's Heroes Group Roundtable: We are Globally Connected, Military Families Matter, partners with caregiver, Keisha Jackson

Listen to America's Heroes Group Roundtable We are Globally connected, Military Families Matters with host Cliff Kelley, co-host Dr. Damon Arnold, and Military Families Matters Partner Caregiver Keisha Jackson every first Saturday, 5:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM CST on WVON 1690 AM iHeart radio"

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Dr. DeLon Canterbury

Pharmaceutical / Educational Information with Dr. DeLon Canterbury

Encouraging Stories is pleased to have Dr. Canterbury provide pharmaceutical / educational Information to the caregiver community.

Dr. DeLon Canterbury, Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist. Founder of GeriatRx, a telehealth-based senior care consulting company. GeriatRx combines Pharmacogenomic testing and Comprehensive Medication Management, and addresses the social determinants of health, such as food, shelter, financial stability, and health literacy.

Dr. Canterbury, helps patients who are struggling to achieve their healthcare goals and reduces their healthcare expenses. By reducing medication errors and advocating for deprescribing, consultant pharmacists like DeLon improve patient safety and save patients, their families, and the healthcare system money. He manages patients across the state of North Carolina and demonstrates the value pharmacists add to healthcare delivery.

Dr. Caterbury embodies servant-leadership and places it at the forefront of GeriatRx. He's an active Executive Board Member for the African-American Minority COVID Task Force in Durham, North Carolina, a Formulary Committee member of Senior PharmAssist at the Durham Senior Center for Life, and served as Community Health Coalition's Telehealth Director, helping older African-American patients with wellness and reassurance check-ups during COVID.

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Loretta Veney

LEGO-Themed Events for Caregivers

Encouraging Stories is honored to have author, motivational speaker, and trainer, Loretta Veney to share LEGO-Themed Events for Caregivers!

Loretta Woodward Veney is a thirty-five-year security management professional who spent the first fifteen years of her career managing security personnel before starting her own training company offering topics including security management and operations, leadership, conflict resolution and communication skills.

In 2006 when Loretta's Mom Doris was diagnosed with dementia, Loretta began learning everything she could about the disease and hoped to share that information so others could be more prepared for this devastating diagnosis than she had been. In 2013, that hope turned into Loretta's first book, Being My Mom's Mom, which highlights the first six years of the family's dementia journey.

Loretta had the unwavering support of her husband Tim who did everything possible to be of help to Doris along this journey, and together they were Team Veney! In the summer of 2016, after almost 31 years of marriage, Tim died after a very brief illness while he and Loretta were traveling in NY. To help with her grief, Loretta took photos that she and Tim had taken over their many years of travel, added her motivational words to them and compiled them into her second book called Refreshment for the Caregiver's Spirit. Loretta dedicated the book to Tim and hopes it will inspire caregivers through tough days and long nights.

Loretta has delivered over 300 speeches and presentations on dementia and caregiving. She and her mom have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, The Washington Post, The New York Times, AARP Caregiver Stories, as well as a PBS special titled "Alzheimer's the Caregiver's Perspective." In 2019, Loretta was selected as Trailblazer of the Year by Johns Hopkins Medicine.

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Encouraging Stories is teaming with a former NFL player to publish a caregiver book for children. Stay tuned...
The Fight is On Artwork


Encouraging Stories is collaborating with other artists and content creators to write and produce short and feature films that encourage, entertain, and educate its caregiver community. Stay tuned...