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News Articles

Caregiving Made Easy

Submitted on: August 01, 2022

By Keisha L. Jackson

Taking care of an aging or ailing parent or spouse, other family member(s), special needs child, or friend can be fulfilling; but it can also be emotionally and physically draining. Many caregivers feel unequipped, inadequate, and unprepared for the role and responsibilities. Searching the internet to find answers and resources to assist through crisis or everyday situations can lead to feeling vulnerable, stressed out, and overwhelmed.

With the ever-increasing risk of internet scams, identity theft, and elder fraud, America’s Heroes Group Military Families Matter recently invited guest panelist Traci L. Lamb CEO/Founder of Smart Caregiving to share ways that can help make in home caregiving safer and easier. Smart Caregiving is a free online global directory of vetted companies that provides valuable resources such as products and services to all (military, veterans, non-military) caring for their loved ones at home. Traci calls Smart Caregiving a “one stop shop” that allows individuals to call or email questions as often as they want, from anywhere in the world, and receive answers within 24-48 hours.

Smart Caregiving virtually holds hands with each caregiver as they help them navigate through topics such as Advanced Directives, Adult Daycare/Respite Programs, Assisted Living, Hospice, Medicaid/Medicare, Nursing Homes, Palliative Care, Pets, Prescription Deliveries, Veteran Assistance Programs, as well as other products/services.

The Smart Caregiving team includes current and former caregivers working to bridge the gap by connecting those caring for their loved ones with helpful global resources. Smart Caregiving also partners with businesses such as Tactical Rehabilitation ( who designed a custom fit orthotics that is calibrated by an individual’s weight and activity level (currently only available for active military) as well as Jewels Nursing Solution ( whose products include their patented Bedsore Rescue Cushions.  

Smart Caregiving also offers ways to help individuals grow their business by listing them in the Smart-Caregiving directory for caregiver referrals as well as connecting them with other global companies, through news and radio programs, social media, monthly webinars that features sponsored companies, and more.

Smart Caregiving will host two global events in 2023. The first in Tampa, Florida, May 22-24. This event will include companies from the US, India, and England. The second event will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 25-27. Companies scheduled to be a part of this event include attendees from the US, Belgium, England, Italy, Kenya, and South Africa. The keynote speaker (Las Vegas) is Merril Hoge, former Pittsburgh Steeler, NFL/ESPN analyst.

To learn more about Smart Caregiving, its resources, business connection opportunities, or attending the upcoming events, please contact:

[email protected]

Toll-free:  888-462-4817

Traci L. Lamb

CEO/Founder of Smart Caregiving